“Its always OK to look more natural but its never good to look too fake.” Beauty Focus: Italian Make Up Artist, Paulina Tyrala

Hey Guys, I had a little chit chat with this gorgeous make-up artist from Italy, and here’s how it went;

C.K – Hii, Thank you so much for doing this. My name is Ayo by the way. Can you start off by telling me a bit about yourself?

P.T – My name is Paulina Tyrala, I am a polish make-up artist living in Italy from the beginning of 2016. Make Up and Art is all my life so I fulfil every moment of my life with activities connected with this subject. Where are you from Ayo?

C.K – Oh nice, I’m from Lagos, Nigeria. What do you do asides make-up?

P.T – I cook a lot, I love good and healthy food. I also travel, I’m discovering the secret corners of Italy.

C.K – Sounds like a fun life!!! Tell me something interesting about Italy?

P.T – It sounds like fun 🙂 there is so much more behind it. Something interesting about Italy is a very wide question. In every corner of Italy you have different traditions and each one of them if very Interesting! For example do you know that in some places, especially in the south of Italy and where I live, from 1pm to 4pm there is curfew and you cant make any noises to your neighbors because its time to sleep and relax. I think its funny and a bit exaggerated.

C.K – Lol, that sounds absurd but quite sane. Okay so when and how did you know you wanted to go into Make-up?

P.T – My interests about make up started very early, more or less in primary school. My mum was a student that time at university and always when she was studying at home laying on the floor I was sitting on her back and making tattoos with her cosmetics. Thats how it started. And from that time this passion was always with me. Then in secondary school I was taking my friends to Sephora and doing them colorful make-ups with testers in the shop.

Just in case you didnt know, Sephora is a French chain of cosmetics stores founded in 1969. Featuring nearly 300 brands, along with its own private label, Sephora offers beauty products including makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, nail color, and haircare.

C.K – What fascinates you about this line of work?

P.T – About makeup fascinates me a transformation of someones appearance. With few cosmetics and brushes you can change the person completely. And makeup has a magical power to give a lot of confidence!

C.K – What cosmetic products do you use on a regular basis?

P.T – I am a makeup artist but actually I do not do my makeup very often. When I have to go out somewhere I often use some concealer to hide my acne and highlighter and that would be all, but when i want to have my regular full makeup, I use foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pomade, eyeshadows, mascara and base under mascara, bronzer, Highlighter and some lipstick.

Screenshot-2017-11-23 Instagram post by Paulina Tyrala ( PauliMUA) • Sep 7, 2017 at 8 35pm UTC.png

C.K – What make-up tools should be found in every girls purse or kit?

P.T – Every girl has different needs about makeup so its difficult to say but I will try. Concealer for acne emergencies, mascara, powder, highlighter and bronzer/blush, some beautiful lipstick.

C.K – What are the biggest challenges makeup artists face?

P.T – The biggest challenge is to understand clients style, character and needs. It is very important to follow the mood of your client.

C.K – What is that common mistake girls of all colors make when using makeup?

P.T – There are many difficulties for women in doing make-up from choosing color of foundation to the color of the lipstick but the worst mistake is exaggerating with the intensity of make-up. Its always OK to look more natural but its never good to look too fake.

C.K – How has your experience as a make-up artist been so far?

P.T – So far i realized that being a make-up artist is learning and improving constantly. During last year every day my make-up got better. Being a make-up artist is a very difficult way of career because its not easy to be different and better than others when there are so many great make-up artists.

Screenshot-2017-11-23 Instagram post by Paulina Tyrala ( PauliMUA) • Apr 2, 2017 at 9 39am UTC.png

C.K – Do you apply make-up for special events?

P.T – For special events i always apply make-up. The most important for me is to make skin flawless and perfect as a canvas for every make-up that i want to create. The most often I choose smoky eye or naked eye with bright red lipstick.

C.K – Whats the worst thing a person can do when it comes to applying make-up?

P.T – Definitely using dirty and not hygienic tools! All the rest is a matter of style and esthetics but hygiene is the matter of our health.

C.K – Thank you so much again.

P.T – You’re welcome.

Paulinas’ social media – https://www.instagram.com/your_makeup_inspiration/






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